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Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative purchasing contracting works with a lead public agency, which competitively solicits master contracts that meet or exceed state statutes. Contracts are awarded based on quality, performance and price.


These contracts are available for use to over 90,000 agencies nationwide in both the public and nonprofit sectors including K-12, higher education, city, county, state, healthcare, church/religion, and all non-profit organizations.

Andy Carr – National CO-OP Accounts Manager



The major advantages of CO-OP contracting include:

Fast and timely delivery of projects.

Low overhead cost of construction procurement and delivery.

Development of a partner relationship based on work performance.

Reduced legal fees.

Elimination/minimal change orders.

You have a good work history with the contractor.

Additional advantages:

Partnering and performance incentives result in high-quality construction, service and enhanced quality control.

Simplified design documents and acquisition processes negate the need for complicated and repetitive contract documents and reduces contract administrative costs.

The speed of CO-OP contracting ranges from 10 days to 21 days from request to construction start, since CO-OP projects don’t demand soliciting and acquiring a contract along with detailed plans and specifications.

Facility owners do not have to provide a complete design but rather rely on the CO-OP contractor to produce any essential drawings for the design.

Employment of subcontractors in the area to perform work, allowing for the majority of the project funds to be spent locally. (If needed)

Minimal risk for the owner in the event of problems with the contractor because contractors were pre-qualified.

A win-win attitude or motivation for both the contractor and the facility owner is produced by and through the long-term relationship.




Call/Email Tecta America and request a standard repair or emergency repair to be completed through controlled pricing.


Call/Email Tecta America and request a price for a service project, coating, overlay, or reroof through controlled pricing.


Typical Bidding Process
The Tecta America CO-OP/JOC Process

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